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worker advocacy

The Coromandel Workers Council (CWC) provides information, support and representation to all workers across the Coromandel peninsula. We hold free clinics on the first  Friday of every month across the peninsula where we meet with workers to answer questions about  their employment conditions and contract terms. 


We understand that not all workers will be aware of their rights or what the obligations of their employers are. We want to empower all workers to be able to stand-up for their rights and speak out at the ongoing inequalities that occur in the workplace.


All individuals deserve to be treated fairly at work. This means that along with a basic expectation of being treated with dignity and respect they should expect to have equal opportunities for pay rises and promotions based on the performance and outcomes of of job requirements. 


We advocate for all workers on the Coromandel peninsula to ensure that they receive, at the very least, their basic minimum rights

We provide a face to face service where we listen to the issues each person is facing and then discuss in depth with them what options they have for taking action. If there is a need to take any legal action we will work through each step of the process with them, along with our One Union associate, and guide them from beginning to end.


Anytime a case goes beyond the meeting room and into a courtroom people will naturally feel a wide range of emotions that can be difficult to navigate. Our goal is to make each person as comfortable as possible until the final result. 

Our preferred outcome in each situation is a resolution via mediation. Court action should be a last resort whenever possible.  

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our approach

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our fees

We understand that taking action against an employer who is not meeting their minimum obligations to their employees can be cost prohibitive. We want to remove this barrier to ensure that anyone who may have a case can fight for their rights without it being a financial burden on them. 

Statistics show that it is often people who are earning minimum wage, and in some cases below, that need advocacy from a group like the CWC. We will work with each individual to come up with a way in which their case can be paid for. This may include things such as a koha or looking for outside funding.

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