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Our Team
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Pamela Grealey

Co-founder, Workplace Consultant & Mediator

Pamela, our Workplace Consultant, brings a wealth of expertise to her role. With a strong background as a seasoned business consultant and mentor, she has navigated numerous negotiations between employers and employees within organizations of varying sizes. Having previously owned and managed a successful small business, Pamela has firsthand experience in effectively harmonizing profitability with ethical business practices. Now, she utilises her knowledge and skills to assist others in achieving the same balance.

Recognised as a passionate champion for workers' rights and sustainable business practices, Pamela is dedicated to supporting the needs of both employees and employers. Her commitment shines through in her work with the Coromandel Workers Council, where she strives to create a harmonious environment that benefits all.

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Benjamin Rudolph

Co-founder & Randomness Manager

Benjamin, our Randomness Manager, is the creative force behind our website, social media presence, and is also the first point of contact when someone contact the organisation. With a diverse professional background, he has traversed various roles, encountering a spectrum of employers, both commendable and less so. This breadth of experience has sharpened his acute awareness of the challenges faced by workers in speaking out against injustices.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for the rights of every individual worker, Benjamin firmly believes that true prosperity for businesses can only be achieved when they wholeheartedly embrace equitable workplace practices. Understanding that a harmonious relationship between employees and employers breeds success, he actively champions the implementation of fair policies that benefit both parties.

Benjamin's unwavering dedication to creating a level playing field for workers serves as a catalyst for transformation, igniting a path towards workplaces that honour justice and equality. With his dynamic contributions, he strives to empower individuals, unlock their potential, and propel organisations towards an era of collective triumph.

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Anne-Marie Creech

Paralegal Information Pillar & Mediator

Ann-Marie brings a wealth of expertise to our team, encompassing an extensive background in both legal and union realms. With over 20 years of experience as a Legal Assistant and Paralegal specialising in Canadian Contract and Corporate Law, coupled with 5 years as a Councillor within her workplace union, Ann-Marie's professional journey led her to develop a profound interest in Employment Law upon her relocation to New Zealand.

Driven by her innate curiosity and passion for seeking solutions, Ann-Marie thrives on investigative research, meticulously examining both sides of the employment spectrum. Whether you are an employer or an employee in need of information and legal support services, she firmly believes in a proactive approach, fostering clear communication and preventing employment miscommunications from escalating. Her unwavering commitment to professionalism is exemplified by her exceptional critical thinking and objective analysis.

As a seasoned pillar within the architectural framework of Employment Law, Ann-Marie eagerly anticipates providing her invaluable assistance. Her profound understanding of the intricacies of employment dynamics positions her as an indispensable asset, dedicated to navigating the complexities of the legal landscape with finesse and expertise.

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Regardless of the size or complexity of your problem we understand the importance of finding solutions. With our help and commitment, you can make informed decisions and navigate your employment matters  with confidence. Take the first step towards resolving your employment matters by contacting us for our reliable and no-cost advice today.

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