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Fair Pay Agreements

So what is a fair pay agreement and who does it affect?

Garment Factory

source: Wix

The Fair Pay Agreement system is intended to bring together employers and unions within a sector to collectively bargain for minimum terms and conditions for all employees in that industry or occupation. 


The idea here is that employers will be represented by an employer representative organisation, while employees will be represented by unions. Neither employees nor employers will need to join and non-members will need to be given a voice in any bargaining strategies. 


The system will endeavour to support both sides during the bargaining process towards a successful outcome and provide guidance, formal processes and compliance along the way. 


It is hoped that this will lift incomes and improve working conditions of everyday kiwis as we once again face financial pressures both globally and at home. 

As more details come through we will continue to update this post. 


It is expected that this system will be put into place towards the end of 2022 when the Bill will be passed.

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