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Coromandel Workers Council, dedicated to fostering workplace equity, provides essential services to empower both workers and businesses in understanding and exercising their rights and responsibilities. As advocates for workers on the Coromandel Peninsula, our vision is to ensure a fair and just working environment. Explore our site today to access valuable resources and support that promote equality in the workplace.

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Are you facing challenges in your workplace? Uncertain about your employment agreements? Worried about signing a contract for a new job? Look no further! The Coromandel Workers Council is here to support and advocate for you.

At Coromandel Workers Council, we understand that navigating the complexities of the modern workplace can be daunting. That's why we're dedicated to empowering employees like you, ensuring fairness and safeguarding your rights.

Our experienced team of employment advocates is ready to lend a helping hand. Whether you're dealing with issues like unfair treatment, unjust terminations, wage disputes, or any other concerns related to your employment, we're here to listen, guide, and fight for your best interests.

Don't let workplace challenges overwhelm you. Our confidential consultations provide a safe space for you to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and gain clarity about your rights. We'll help you decipher those sometimes complicated employment agreements and assess whether signing a new contract is in your best interest.

Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards resolving your workplace concerns.

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We will only charge a fee if we end up working with you to resolve an employment matter. Our fee structure will be made clear to you from the beginning so you know exactly how much you will pay once the matter has been resolved. 

Our why

The Coromandel Workers Council (CWC) was founded in October 2020. Our purpose is to champion the rights of workers across the picturesque Coromandel Peninsula (Te Tara-o-te-Ika a Māui) while fostering equitable workplaces through comprehensive support and services for both employees and businesses.

Comprised of a passionate and committed team, we strive to create a working environment where all workers and business owners possess a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Our motivation to establish the CWC stemmed from the recognition that workers require robust support, effective advocacy, and robust representation within their workplaces throughout the Coromandel region.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the unique challenges faced by individuals in accessing information about workers' rights and navigating the associated complexities in our remote part of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is our unwavering commitment to ensure that everyone can easily access the answers and assistance they need, eliminating barriers to knowledge and support.

Rather than attempting to form our own union, we sought to leverage the expertise and knowledge of One Union, known as the "best little union for workers." Through this dynamic collaboration, we have formed a fruitful partnership where One Union undertakes the heavy lifting involved in addressing workplace issues, enabling us to better serve the needs of workers and businesses alike.

At the heart of our operations, the CWC operates as a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation, driven by our passion to empower workers, promote fairness, and advocate for positive change in the workplace across the Coromandel Peninsula.


How much does it cost?
We offer our advice free of charge. This mean if you get in touch with us and have some questions about your employment or your contract etc, we will not charge a fee. If the matter requires our direct involvement in order to resolve the matter then we will charge a fee. We charge an hourly rate of $50 but will be happy to discuss a total price that suits your budget. We understand that the people that we work with are often paid the least and therefore want to ensure that and fees charge suit your financial situation. 
Will my employer be advised  that I have contacted you?
No. When get in touch with us about your employment matter we will not inform your employer. The only time we will need to advise your employer is if we require further information about your employment that you are not able to provide to us, such as leave taken, or wages paid into your account. In situations where we need to directly discuss a matter with your employer we may have to advise them that you have been in touch with us. This will be decided on a case by case basis. In any situation where we need to contact your  employer on your behalf we will always advise you and discuss the matter with you before we do.  
Can you act as my support person?
Yes. If you have a meeting with your employer and require a support person we can be there for you. As a support person we will go in to the meeting with you for the purpose of giving you support, assisting you to understand the issues being discussed and we can even take notes. A support person is there for you.  We do not talk on your behalf to your employer in order to resolve the matter for you. If you would like us to talk to your employer on your behalf in a meeting then this would be called mediation. 
Can you act as a mediator?
Yes. We provide a wide range of mediation services depending on your needs and the type of employment matter that you bring to us. 
Which areas of the Coromandel do you cover?
All of it. Our organisation covers the whole of the Coromandel peninsula, from north of Colville down through to Hahei, Thames, Paeroa, Waikino, Waihi and everything inbetween. 
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