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Employment Support Services for Businesses

The best outcome for both employers and employees is a mutually beneficial relationship.  This means that the employer has engaged, reliable employees that understand the business ethos and are committed to carrying out the work at hand.  This occurs when the employees are given equitable and easy to understand terms and conditions in their contract of employment.


Our experience has shown that many employers want to offer their employees this environment but may not have the experience or knowledge to do this.  This is where we can help; we offer a range of services to enable this environment to flourish.


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Our services include:


  • Review of contracts to ensure Employers legal requirements around pay and equity are being met

  • Mediation services in cases of dispute

  • Business model reviews where new legal requirements have the potential to disrupt business flow

  • Health and Safety assessments tailored to the size of the business

  • Support for new businesses to ensure that requirements are included

  • Business consultancy as required


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