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What We Do.

As employee advocates, we strive to represent the interests of workers in New Zealand and help them navigate any challenges they may face in the workplace. Our services are particularly beneficial for employees who are experiencing hardship, such as pay issues or discrimination and harassment.

One example of how we can help is if you are being paid less than the minimum wage. We can help you understand your rights and seek appropriate remedies to address the issue. Similarly, if you are experiencing discrimination or harassment at work, we can advocate on your behalf and empower you to take action.

Our efforts to improve workplace conditions benefit both employees and employers. By ensuring fair wages, access to benefits, and protection from discrimination and harassment, employees feel valued and supported. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and retention rates, benefiting employers by creating a positive work environment.

We also work to ensure that workplaces are in compliance with NZ labour laws and regulations. This not only helps prevent legal issues and costly fines but also promotes a culture of fairness and compliance within the workplace.

In addition, we can act as a liaison between employees and employers to resolve conflicts and improve communication. This can lead to stronger relationships between employees and employers, ultimately improving morale and productivity in the workplace.

At the Coromandel Workers Council, we understand the unique challenges faced by workers living on the Coromandel Peninsula and strive to provide the necessary support and advocacy to help them navigate these challenges. Whether you are facing pay issues, discrimination or harassment, or simply need help improving your workplace conditions, we are here to help.

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