The People Behind the Wheel 

Pamela Grealey

Workplace Consultant 

Pamela is our Workplace Consultant.  An experienced business consultant and mentor she has been involved with many negotiations between employers and employees in large and small organisations.  As a small business owner she has successfully dealt with the issue of balancing profit and business practise and now helps others to do the same.


A fervent advocate for workers rights and sustainable business practices she aims to support both workers and employers alike with her work at Coromandel Workers Council.

Benjamin Rudolph

Randomness Manager

Benjamin is our Randomness Manager responsible for creating our website, social media and content creation for publications. 

As someone who has worked in many different jobs he has experienced both good and bad employers and is highly aware of the difficulties that workers face to speak up against injustices. 

He is passionate about the rights of all workers and believes that businesses will thrive when can embrace equitable workplace practises that benefit both parties.

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Workers Council

The Coromandel Workers Council was set up with the mission of supporting equity in the workplace. 

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