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April Monthly Clinic in Thames

This month we will be bringing our clinic to Thames. 

If you live in and around the area please feel free to pop in and see us for free and friendly advice on all matter relating to your employment status, contracts, issues and environment. 

We will be at the Thames Social Service building, 609 Mackay Street, Thames from 2-5pm. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Changes to the Holidays Act

Recommendations made by the Holidays Act Taskforce has been accepted by the Labour government to improve the current Holidays Act making it clearer and easier to understand for both employees and their employers. 

Legislation to implement the changes is expected to be introduced in early 2022 and will go through the full parliamentary process.

This is exciting news for everyone and should help to make taking leave easier for all workers. 

For more information click the following link

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Financial assistance for individuals and whānua
Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 10.21.31

COVID-19 continues to add financial pressures on to the lives of many. If you are feeling burdened then check out the different types of assistance that are currently available to take off some of that pressure. 

They include:

For more information click the following link.

Mental health resources 

It has been nearly 12 since New Zealand had its first case of COVID-19. During that time we have seen huge changes across every aspect of our lives from the way we work, the way we interact with one another, our ability to work and our ability hold on to those jobs to ensure we can keep the minimum standards of living. 


For some of us we have been well supported by those around us but for some the last year has not been so easy. There are signs of people being burnt out by the insurmountable burdens that they have been facing and trying to deal with during these difficult times. All this despite the fact that Aotearoa is leading the world in the battle against the pandemic. 


It’s important for all employers and employees to know that there are resources available for them to access should they need to or should they see that some working for them needs to. 

You can access information about mental services using this link.

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