supporting equity in the workplace

Event Launch

27th January 2021. Citizens Hall. Coromandel Town. 5-7:30pm.

The Coromandel Workers Council invites you to attend an open evening to meet the team behind the organisation and learn about why we exist and the services that we are offering.

We are a small organisation run by people who are passionate about the rights of all working people and who want to help businesses adopt practises that lead to equitable workplaces which benefit everyone.

We do this by offering services to employees such as advocacy and representation, and tailored support services to businesses that help guide them to a path where they are able to create equitable and sustainable workplaces. These types of practises benefit businesses through staff retention and higher productivity, while ensuring that their employees are able to fully participate in creating happy, safe and meaningful work environments. 
This event is open to the public and our goal is to generate a discussion around workers rights and how we can all encourage businesses to adopt equitable workplace practises. We have invited members of national and local government, social service providers, worker and human rights groups as well as unions and members of local community boards in the hope that this event can also be used as a means of networking to help build better communities across the Coromandel Peninsula.
We invite you to take a look at our website to discover more about who we are and why we exist.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend

You can get in touch with the Coromandel Workers Council on:

027 2965276