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What is the Coromandel Workers Council

In October 2020 the Coromandel Workers Council (CWC) was officially set up to provide help and support to all workers across the Coromandel Peninsula (Te Tara-o-te-Ika a Māui) and provide services to business to create equitable workplaces.


We are a small team of dedicated people who care about the rights of all workers. We want to help create a working environment where both workers and business owners know and understand their rights and responsibilities. 


We started the CWC because we can see that there is a need for workers to receive better support, advocacy and representation in their workplaces across the peninsula. We were also aware that workers weren't able too easily find someone to talk to about their employment issues or concerns with their workplace practises.

We are affiliated to One Union (the best little union for workers) who help us to determine if there is a need for us to provide mediation or representation in the workplace. 

Our three main goals are

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Support workers and businesses to know and understand their rights and responsibilities

Advocate on behalf of and give representation to all workers

End worker exploitation across the peninsula

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